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Chelsea Stables

The Blue Run Farm family are lifelong professional educators. We believe that all people can grow up feeling confident, successful, accepted, and, most important, accepting of themselves. Our youth program emphasizes reducing anxiety and enhancing focus through interaction with horses.


The Chelsea Stables program helps all riders build trust with horses by focusing on groundwork and equine skills in addition to riding. Caitlin Robb, a professional equestrian instructor and trainer and owner of Willow Equine Arts in Stanton, leads our program.  "Our work is centered around students developing the skills on the ground with the horse as well as under saddle. They're taught to read the horse as well as themselves, providing a deeper ability to connect with the horse and move through any situation they might come across. They learn the importance of a progression of techniques to better assist the horse and create a positive overall experience for both horse and human."

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