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Chelsea Stables

One on One Focused Training

We offer a customized lesson experience; whether you want to start your journey with horses or deepen your existing practice, we are delighted to assist you. 

No Experience Needed

If you're coming to the session with no horse experience, we begin by building trust and learning to read the horse's body language. The body is the horse's natural language, and horses are fantastic teachers. We then add movement and tools. Our equine partners teach us to be present with what we're experiencing and what is happening in our environment. These interactions help us become elastic and fluid throughout our lives.


We progress at your pace from at-liberty work to groundwork where students learn to communicate with their body language, handle training tools and direct the horse through various exercises. Lunging follows halter work. In-hand bridle work comes next, teaching students to have a comfortable and soft feel of rein contact and very gentle communication with the horse through this contact. Riding lessons focus on students learning the art of balance, suppleness, and stability in their own bodies to assist the horse in proper, healthy carriage.

Lesson Progression

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