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Partial Lease

These are usualy referred to as a “half leases” although the fraction may vary.  We even offer a 1/6th lease for non-riders.  In this type of agreement, Blue Run splits the horse's care expenses in exchange for dedicated riding time with one of our horses.  It can be an inexpensive way to have the thrill of ownership without the complete responsibility for "your" horse.  Everyone in the Youth Equestrian Team Horsemanship classes as well as well those taking private lessons are eligible for these leases.

Boarding Your Horse

Stall boarding comes with separate turnout for mares and geldings, run-in sheds, 2 feedings daily, blanketing (am & pm), hay provided in the stalls and pastures during the winter months. Tack shed and climate-controlled barn office trailer with changing room, coffee, bathroom, and Wi-Fi. Field board is also offered. Check Virginia Equestrian classifieds - if space is available we will have it advertised there.

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